Frederick County Health Department Gets New Ally in Channel

Frederick County Health Department enlists Channel team to increase awareness of opioid and heroin abuse

BALTIMORE, MD, May 22, 2015—Cory Farrugia, president of Channel, announced that the firm was selected by the Frederick County Health Department to help address the rising abuse of opioids and heroin in the county. Channel’s communication strategies and messaging will support the ongoing efforts of the department’s Opioid Misuse Prevention Program.

“We’re proud to be a part of this program,” said Farrugia “Abuse of prescription painkillers and heroin is an epidemic nationwide and we’re looking forward to helping a nearby community draw more attention to the problem and direct at-risk individuals to the guidance and treatment they need.”

The campaign is scheduled to launch in mid-summer and will target individuals who need help as well as parents of middle and high school students. Materials may incorporate findings from recent research that was conducted by the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy among residents of Frederick County and across the state.

Cory Farrugia, said, “Surveys have shown that people can easily gain access to prescription opioids through family, friends, and physicians. In addition, these drugs are more powerful than ever and can quickly lead to addiction if their usage isn’t carefully managed. We want our work to make an individual think seriously about the dangers of opioids and to help prevent any fatalities in the future.”

About the Frederick County Health Department

The Frederick County Health Department aims to improve the health and well being of Frederick County, Maryland residents through programs to prevent disease and illness, promote wellness and safety, and safeguard public health. In addition to overseeing the Opioid Misuse Prevention Program, the department offers resources to address behavioral health, cancer prevention, environmental health, infectious diseases, developmental disabilities, and many other health issues.

About the Channel team

With offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC; Channel provides a full range of integrated marketing services, including branding, marketing communications and advertising, and broadcast and interactive media.


Cory Farrugia