Adams County National Bank (ACNB)

Throughout its 160 years, ACNB has built its success on serving the banking needs of generations of families in Adams County and beyond – and sculpting its reputation as a friendly, community-centered bank that cares about its customers.

In March 2017, ACNB announced the acquisition of New Windsor State Bank (NWSB) to expand its success and foster continued market growth. With this acquisition, ACNB focused on ensuring NWSB customer confidence, retention, and ongoing loyalty during the transition from New Windsor to “NWSB, An ACNB Bank”.

The Channel team was selected as ACNB’s partnering agency to develop a campaign to assist with this effort. Channel took a retail-branded approach to the campaign; incorporating billboards as well as digital and social media tactics to promote product offers that included: a home equity line of credit, a checking offer, and a 24-month CD rate.