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“How to Build an Effective Prevention Marketing Campaign” eBook

Prevention campaigns are of utmost importance today. Our communities are facing opioid-related deaths and ongoing abuse-related incidents on a daily basis. Because of these incidents, prevention funds for meaningful campaigns are becoming more available. Many in the prevention field feel overwhelmed when attempting to tackle such a campaign because, while funds are available, the amount of […]

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“What is Important When Marketing to Millennials?” eBook

Millennial marketing is one of the most discussed topics among marketers. The question is asked over and over again today: “What is important when marketing to millennials? Millennials are often seen as an inscrutable generation. They tend to be more tech-savvy than baby boomers and generation X, and often eschew information sources earlier generations rely on. […]

“Understanding Content Marketing” eBook

More brands and organizations are embracing content marketing today as a standard pillar in their marketing arsenal. But just what is “content marketing?” Is it the same as social media? How long has it been around? What kind of value does it deliver? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in […]

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“Brand Attraction” eBook

What exactly is brand attraction? It’s more than just having a preference for a brand—it’s more like a love affair. It’s the kind of relationship that turns audiences into fierce advocates and lifelong evangelists for a brand. In other words, it’s the kind of relationship that every organization or company dreams of having with its […]

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“Healthcare Marketing” eBook

In short, healthcare marketing isn’t a place for rookies. Healthcare is one of the most complex and challenging industries to achieve marketing success today. The rapidly changing dynamics, policies, and infrastructures must be navigated with agility, yet there are a number of hard-and-fast elements that cannot be ignored and must be incorporated into any marketing […]

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“Account Manager” eBook

What goes into becoming a top-flight account manager? Way more than you think. It requires loads of determination, attention to detail, great communication skills, flexibility, and perhaps even the ability to see into the future—just for starters. The creative folks often get most of the acclaim for a successful marketing campaign, but the foundation of […]

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“Online Reputation Management” eBook

Online reputation management: it’s not only critical for individuals, it’s crucial for brands too. It’s no surprise nowadays that your company’s reputation is increasingly being defined by how your customers describe their experience with your products and services—especially in online and social media. Comments, reviews, tweets, and other online postings have become more influential than ever […]

Brand Clarity eBook cover

“Brand Clarity” eBook

Just about every company or institution today claims to have a brand. But what exactly is a brand? Simply put, a brand is the expression of an organization’s philosophy, culture, abilities, and goals. Branded communications materials can announce or mumble, inform or confuse, delight or depress, stimulate or irritate, and make or break a sale. […]

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“Managing Creativity” eBook

Regardless of their job titles, your creative team members are the engine of your organization. They generate the ideas and tools that make your organization stand out and help lay the groundwork for advancing your competitive position. As such, it’s important to understand how to get the most out of their capabilities and manage the […]

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“Destination Brand Building” eBook

Developing a compelling brand for a region, county, city, or location-based attraction involves understanding factors that are different from those of a product or service. Characteristics such as historical landmarks, local customs, nightlife, and even weather can play major roles in defining how a destination is marketed and branded. In “Destination Brand Building,” you’ll gain […]

“Is Direct Mail Dead” eBook

Is Direct Mail Dead? It’s interesting to see the ongoing disconnection between analytic, data-driven digital natives who claim that direct mail is dead and the facts that clearly show how direct mail is still producing significant ROI, profits, and response every day. Certainly, direct mail has evolved like every other marketing medium, but it’s hardly […]

“Branding and Marketing for Independent Schools” eBook

Independent schools enjoy a number of advantages over most standardized or public institutions. These include smaller classes, more personalized instruction, greater freedom to explore new subjects and experiences, mission-driven culture, etc. Yet when it comes to developing—and creating consensus for—a brand persona, independent schools often face major challenges. Finding common ground among administrators, faculty, parents, […]

“Branding for Colleges and Universities” eBook

Melts in your mouth, not in your hand In the early 1950’s, M&M’s was one of a dozen candycoated chocolate brands on the market. However, in 1954, M&M’s announced itself as the confection that “melts in your mouth, not in your hand.” While any of its competitors probably could have made the same claim, M&M’s […]

“Unique Value Proposition” Exercise

What special quality does your brand possess that differentiates you from competitors? Here’s an exercise that can help you get the information you need to identify your brand’s Unique Value Proposition. Click the button on the right to try the exercise.            

“Branding Essentials” eBook

Branding is no longer just a marketing or advertising industry term; it’s part of popular culture. Anything can have a brand nowadays—celebrities, television shows, sports teams and even political leaders. However, effective branding is more than just a recognizable face or logo; it requires discipline and insight. No matter what is being branded, it’s important […]

“Branding for Banks” eBook

Ask a bank CEO to choose between budgeting $450,000 for brand building and hiring three or four lenders, and he or she will always give the latter the green light. It’s because most bankers typically believe that their success is built exclusively on personal contact—there’s no way the formula for success can be driven by […]

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“Social Marketing” eBook

How social media is changing the rules of brand engagement. Join the conversation Until recently, marketing was a one-way, top-down monologue. Companies talked and we listened and, sometimes, bought. The web, with its emphasis on connections, participation, and transparency, has changed all that. Now, consumers talk back—to advertisers and, more importantly, to each other. Rather […]

“The Art of Positioning” eBook

Everyday, thousands of messages compete for you prospects’ attention. A solid positioning is the most effective way rise above the static and be heard by those that matter. Download the eBook by clicking on the button on the right.                              

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“10 Steps to Successful Direct Marketing” eBook

Direct marketing is an interactive system of marketing designed to affect a measurable response and/or transaction using one or more advertising media. In this eBook, “10 Steps to Successful Direct Marketing”, we’ll identify and expand on 10 key steps to nailing a memorable direct marketing campaign. Click the download button to find out the list.