What is Important When Marketing to Millennials?

Millennial marketing is one of the most discussed topics among marketers. The question is asked over and over again today: “What is important when marketing to millennials? Millennials are often seen as an inscrutable generation. They tend to be more tech-savvy than baby boomers and generation X, and often eschew information sources earlier generations rely on.

Marketers can find it challenging to effectively connect with this more selective audience. If your messaging is done incorrectly, younger consumers will find it irrelevant or patronizing – if the message even reaches them at all. It’s no wonder why Nielson’s Millennials on Millennials Report opens up with the statement, “The struggle is real”. The opening paragraph goes on to say, “Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S., they engage in media like no one else and they’re ‘grown up’ and have money to spend. It’s a demographic ripe for targeting, but why is it so hard to connect with them?”

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