Rebranding text Financial Institution

Rebranding in Finance

Over the years, the Channel team has had its fair share of rebranding projects for a variety of clients and categories. While Channel has discussed the components that go into timing a company rebrand, the process varies based on the industry and company structure. Today, we’ll look at rebranding credit unions, banks, and financial institutions. […]

AI in Marketing and Advertising with Icons

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Advertising

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the front page of every news outlet for weeks now. Below, we’ll look at areas within the marketing and advertising industries that are already affected or soon to be further affected by AI. The Who or The What In the past, AI was an idea commonly […]

Image of TikTok Application on Phone

The Future On TikTok?

In case you missed it, in late December of 2022, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on House Administration announced that it is banning TikTok from all House-managed mobile devices over security concerns. The announcement was made just weeks after the Senate’s decision to ban all federal employees from downloading or using the app on […]

Brand Perception on Chalk Background

Brand Perception and Evaluation

When evaluating a brand, Channel Communications approaches the task as a three-pronged exercise to define the brand’s current perception and the ideal perception within a specified market. We conduct internal and external interviews along with consumer research to paint a full picture of the brand’s perception. Below, we’ll review a generalized version of this method, […]

Coffee mug, smartphone on a desk with a notepad reading "Landing Page" laying on a Macbook

Elements of an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are often created when a marketing campaign is in the works. Various ads, amongst other campaign elements, drive the target audience to a designated webpage with the goal of raising overall awareness or generating a qualified lead, client/customer/member, or conversion. In this article, we’ll review the key elements of a landing page as […]

Image of words "Social Media" on Building Blocks

Choosing the Ideal Social Media Platform for Your Campaign Media

Whether you’re looking to increase brand recognition, drive website traffic, generate leads, or boost conversions, social media marketing is often a reliable and viable strategy for your campaign. People of all ages and backgrounds use social media to discover, follow, learn about, interact with, and shop brands. Dependent on your marketing goals and target audience, […]

Professional Talent or Non-Professional Talent? Compass needle pointing the word talent, concept for recruiting or head hunter.

Professional Talent or Non-Professional Talent?

When it comes to producing video content, marketing and advertising firms often need to work with their clients to decide between hiring professional talent or utilizing non-professional talent. While, at first thought, it may always seem better to hire a professional, there are instances in which non-professional talent is more appropriate and effective. Here are […]

Hand placing handwritten "Return to Office" and "Welcome Back" notes in keyboard keys

Office Presence and Its Effect on Marketing and Advertising

As work-from-home, or remote work, remains prevalent, what benefits and drawbacks have marketing and advertising firms already experienced? For those who have yet to make the journey, what can they expect during and after the transition? Reduced Expenses Overhead of office (rent, heating, food, coffee) lowered Reduced spend on utilities, equipment, administration. Creative companies can […]

Magnifying glass on a dark blackboard background that reads "Listen to what your client wants".

What Are Clients Looking for When They Approach an Agency?

When a client approaches an agency, what are they looking for? Communication. Those who actively listen and ask thought-provoking questions see success for both the agency and the client. Although no client fits perfectly into a pre-determined structure, continue reading below to gain insights into reasons a client often approaches an agency and what they […]

Professionals in an office conference room on a video conference meeting

Agency vs. Client-Side: Here’s What You Should Know

Not all marketing positions entail the same workload or challenges. Furthermore, the skills and proficiencies required vary from position-to-position. Below, we’ve highlighted key differences one can expect when working within a marketing agency (or firm) vs. a department (client-sided). Biggest Difference Client side will have a much more consistent and steadier workload that’s focused on […]

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Personalization in Marketing

Personalization within marketing has become a staple in the digital era. 52% of consumers are somewhat likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t provide enough personalization and 57% are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers and discounts1. Follow along as we discuss six ways personalization is influencing the marketing industry. […]

Tracking Cookies

3rd Party Tracking Cookies

In a previous blog post, Marketing Post COVID, we discussed marketing trends and how COVID has reshaped them, as well as what to account for when marketing in this “post-COVID” world. In this post we’ll be discussing an upcoming change within browser’s utilization of consumer metrics and measurements and how it will disrupt the digital […]

Banking With Gen Z

As Millennials progress into their 30s and 40s, Gen Z has become the new, untapped, proverbial gold mine for many industries. When it comes to banking, a shift in marketing tactics is required to segment this audience and drill down your campaigns. It’s vital to consider this shift as Gen Z is expected to make […]

Typewriter COVID Update

Marketing Post COVID

COVID-19 has changed the world in many facets. From contactless pick-up to tele-visits to the doctor, seemingly every industry has been affected- including marketing. As we begin to return to a sense of normalcy, it is vital we take a moment to reflect on the past 18 months in an effort to understand exactly what […]

Push Notifications

The Elusive Push Notification

Mobile phones have transformed our daily lives. Many of us are no longer picking up a newspaper, looking at a map, or even getting bills through the mail. Everything from banking, news, maps, games, all the way to a camera are available in a device that fits in your pocket – a device that we […]

Non-profits and Social Media

How Do Non-Profits Use Social Media?

Social media keeps us all connected every second of every day. Through Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, posts, pictures, and text, messages can reach a wide audience in a matter of seconds. This is crucial to all kinds of business, especially non-profits. On social media, the main goal for non-profit companies is to create a […]

Company Rebranding

When Is It Time for a Company Rebrand?

In a business world where options are endless, it’s important to have an edge on competitors. And no matter how new a business is, rebranding is always worth considering. So, when might it be time to rebrand? 1. Are competitors starting to look more and more similar to your business? Consider rebranding. It’s important to […]

Marketing and Branding. What's the difference?

What’s the Difference Between Marketing and Branding?

Often times, marketing and branding are blurred together. If they aren’t actually the same, what is the difference? Marketing In short, marketing is the tactical approach companies use in every stage of business. From product development to distribution, marketing plays a role in the process and outcome of these procedures. In order for a marketing […]

Intern Participating in Company Meeting. Brand boost

Three Ways an Intern Can Boost Your Company’s Brand

The benefits of having an internship as a student are clear, but what about the benefits of having an intern on board with your company? Internships are often seen as a cheap way to get the grunt work done. There is so much more to having an intern on board. Trying to sell to Millennials […]

Strong Brand Trust

Is Your Brand Strong Enough to Survive a Scandal?

In the wake and continuing wave of college fraud scandals, it has become clear the importance of a company having a strong brand to help through a difficult situation. Do you have the brand health it takes to carry you through? Building trust is critical when it comes to having a strong brand. No one […]