Charles County Department of Health – Lock It Up Campaign

Charles County Department of Health (CCDH) was seeking to create a unified theme campaign focused on prescription medication storage and disposal during its FY21 efforts. CCDH was eager to have a standalone landing page – separate from their main site – that would not only carry the brand theme but would also spotlight important facts surrounding opioids, providing guidance on what to look for with prescription warning labels, and highlighting upcoming community events. This campaign would also highlight proper storage, safety, and disposal methods (e.g., local drop box locations).

The Channel team developed a branded look and feel for the campaign and theme to introduce and brand the landing page, all the tactical materials (digital ads and hot cards) as well as any social and digital efforts. Given that the key focus surrounding this effort focused on proper storage, safety, and disposal methods, after examining several URL options from our research, “Lock It Up” rose to the top of the list from our findings. By establishing the Lock It Up theme, we were able to create a simple way for the target audience to remember the call to action (i.e., visit the landing page), which would help lift overall awareness, increase the overall engagement and education from those in Charles County.