Branding is a promise a company makes to its prospects and customers—a promise that can be delivered reliably and pass the test of time. Successful branding gives an audience permission to believe.

At Channel Communications, we have a proven process for creating or re-energizing strong brands. After a period of total immersion in your business, we stake out a unique, credible, and relevant position in the marketplace for your company, organization, and/or its products and services. Then we distill the essence of this positioning into a meaningful and memorable brand identity. Last but not least, we develop a strategy for introducing your brand to all the right people.

The Channel BrandBuilder™ process includes:

  • Research and brand audits
  • Formulating and refining brand positioning
  • Designing a brand identity and brand architecture
  • Developing brand strategies
  • Building brand consensus
  • Developing brand guidelines and standards
  • Planning and executing branding strategies across all appropriate media

Click here to see an example of our branding work for Johns Hopkins University.