National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative

The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) was founded in 1986 with the belief that rural residents should have access to the same telecommunications technology and services as their urban counterparts. Today, NRTC membership consists of over 1,400 organizations made up of electric cooperatives, telephone cooperatives, telephone companies, associates, and affiliates.

NRTC approached the Channel team to assess and recommend solutions for upgrading its marketing communications. At that point, NRTC’s materials were lacking in consistency and impact, with no familial look and feel among its sub-brands or hierarchical system for its publications.

The Channel team developed an approach for rebranding the entire organization, and established a more cohesive presentation for NRTC’s many publications and collateral materials. After exploring multiple options for the rebranding, NRTC approved an approach and we have continued to use it today for a broad range of communications applications.