Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union – Home Equity 2023 Campaign

In early 2023, the purchasing of homes and refinancing were still down significantly when compared to 2020 through 2022. Because of this, Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union (BCEFCU) opted to keep its focus on promoting its line of home equity products, specifically its line of credit (HELOC) and fixed rate home equity loans. The extension of this strategic decision sparked from the market rates continuing to increase, inventory remaining low, and refinancing staying stagnant. For these reasons, the trend of home equity loan applications from members continued to pour in.

Knowing this, the spring home equity campaign focused on the enticing things that people typically use their home equity for (e.g., luxury vacations, school/college, weddings, home renovations, purchasing a second or a vacation home, etc.). It was a key decision to include a message that stressed a sense of urgency since home equity and housing market demand are closely tied.

Keeping the momentum going from the previously successful fall 2022 home equity campaign, Channel developed a cheerful, eye-catching, spring-focused creative concept to propel the campaign’s look and feel with a core message of Your Home’s Equity Is Blooming.