Take Back My Life Campaign

One of the most disturbing public health trends today is the growth of opioid misuse and heroin addiction in both urban and rural communities. Youths are experimenting at earlier ages; a wider swath of the population, including professionals and affluent individuals, is engaged in misuse; and availability of prescription painkillers and heroin is more widespread than ever.

When Frederick County (Maryland) saw addiction rates and deaths in the county rising as a result of opioid dependence, we were eager to help address the issue. We created a campaign called “Take Back My Life” that centered on real county residents sharing personal stories of emotional pain and tragedy caused by addiction. These narratives were featured in videos we produced that were publicized through Facebook and Twitter, TV and radio, print advertising, online banner and video pre-roll ads, posters, email, and more.

Our landing page and videos attracted thousands of views, even in early stages of the campaign, and tracking reports showed significant interest and activity on social media as well.