Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union – Home Equity 2022 Campaign

In 2022, both new home purchases and refinancing were down significantly when compared to 2020-21. Due to this, Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union (BCEFCU) set out to promote its home equity line of products, more specifically its line of credit and fixed rate home equity loans. Since home values increased, and the housing market cooled, people were more inclined to utilize the equity in their homes rather than moving.

It’s been well-documented that BCEFCU members have a higher degree of home ownership and have been in their homes for a good deal of time, so it was likely they were sitting on a good deal of equity. Because of this, the campaign focused on the enticing things that people typically use their home equity for (dream vacations, school/college, weddings, home renovations, purchasing a second or vacation home, etc.).

Channel developed a bright, energetic creative concept to propel the campaign’s look and feel.