What Are Clients Looking for When They Approach an Agency?

When a client approaches an agency, what are they looking for? Communication. Those who actively listen and ask thought-provoking questions see success for both the agency and the client. Although no client fits perfectly into a pre-determined structure, continue reading below to gain insights into reasons a client often approaches an agency and what they are likely looking for.

Clients want…

Agencies that Understand

Understanding the client’s business, industry, internal working, and more are the most important factors in a client-agency relationship. Clients want agencies to anticipate their needs and stay ahead of business trends. This ranges from understanding the client’s business model to knowing what form of media performs best in the category.

The Best Media Strategy

When a client approaches an agency, they’re looking for the best media strategy for their campaign. Clients are coming to an agency expecting them to know how to build a strategy and execute it properly. The strategies will vary on a multitude of factors, including industry, product or service, and media type. Many clients can handle buying an ad. They’re approaching an agency for a detailed, specified media strategy that will ensure their campaign is successful.

Passion and Creativity

Clients are looking for a certain kind of excitement in an agency. A passionate agency will come back with creative work that stands out against the competition. As a category becomes more competitive, reaching their audience becomes even more difficult. The client’s uniqueness is dependent on the agency’s creativeness.

Agility and Flexibility

Client issues can arise at any time, in any area. A flexible, agile agency will respond to issues with an urgency. Clients can experience sudden changes in needs, from media type to target audience and everything in between – an agile agency is able to alter the media strategy and enable changes within a timely manner.

Consumer Insights

Clients want to know what the consumer is looking for – on a deeper level than they already do. Focus groups, surveys, behavioral data, and, more recently, chatbot data are often key methods an agency uses to gain consumer insights.

Viewable Results

A client will always want to see figures that detail how the campaign is progressing across its lifecycle. An agency who can quantify and present these metrics will connect with a client on a deeper level.

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Article by Tim Coury
Channel Communications Intern