Organic vs. Paid Search

Pay-per-click, paid search, CPC (cost-per click), and CPM (cost-per-thousand) are all paid advertising terms that boost search engine results and optimize your SEM (search engine marketing). Sounds like a mouthful, right? SEO, or search engine optimization, generally refers to unpaid marketing that boosts your search results organically (list of web pages in a search engine […]

Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing

I am a direct mail guy from way back. Sometimes I believe that I am one of the few ad executives left that still understands and appreciates the art and science of this ancient medium. I have done my share of email marketing over the years as well and am often asked by clients to […]

What Drives Traffic to My Website?

Every marketing director knows the key to directing traffic to websites is search engine optimization (SEO). Certain factors have changed since 2014—there are now other elements that increase the number of visitors. Google and Facebook have changed their algorithms; so much of what you knew about SEO and the golden ticket to web traffic is […]