Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services Taps Channel for Geofencing and Social Campaigns

Agency leans on expertise to help with National Prevention Week and Youth Substance Use efforts

BALTIMORE, MD, April 2022 — Baltimore County’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) brings on Channel Communications for their deep expertise with digital and social media strategies for two significant campaigns: (1) SAMSHA’s National Prevention Week (NPW) and (2) youth substance use.

National Prevention Week is held each year during May and seeks to raise awareness about substance use prevention and positive mental health, specifically with 12–25-year-olds. The youth substance use initiative, on the other hand, aims to recruit participants for youth focus groups (middle and high school students, young adults) to share their knowledge/opinions on the topics of marijuana, alcohol and substance use, and perceptions of harm.

To reach the intended targets, drive awareness and increase participation in both events, Channel leaned on geofencing along with Snapchat and TikTok advertising. Channel geofenced 23 high schools, 10 middle schools, and two alternative schools in Baltimore County as well as three colleges and two malls. Custom UTM codes were used for tracking and reporting purposes allowing for more accurate reporting.

Cory Farrugia, President of Channel Communications, said, “This is our first time having the pleasure of working with the DHHS team and we’re honored to be able to showcase our tactical thinking and creative strategies to effectively reach these young audiences. Our team is very familiar with NPW, prevention and substance use initiatives, so we look forward to continuing our work in these areas.”

About the Channel Team

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