Three Ways an Intern Can Boost Your Company’s Brand

The benefits of having an internship as a student are clear, but what about the benefits of having an intern on board with your company? Internships are often seen as a cheap way to get the grunt work done. There is so much more to having an intern on board.

  • Trying to sell to Millennials or Gen Z?
    • As the tail end of the millennial generation finishes college and Gen Z starts heading towards the professional world, attention is being brought to them as consumers. It can be hard to get your message across to these generations since products and ads have bombarded them since day one. Having an intern in that age range helps you or your clients keep a pulse on what they tend to respond to.
  • How will the next wave of employees view your company?
    • With so many trendy companies popping up in places like Silicon Valley, it can seem like nap pods and ping pong tables are what the young professional is looking for in an employer. An intern who’s starting the job hunt would be able to tell you this isn’t the case and give you further insight into exactly what the rising professional generation is looking for in employers. This helps keep your company from falling behind.
  • Building your network.
    • Professional networks are talked about all the time, but what about the professional network of a company? These young professionals are just starting their careers and have the potential to go on to be influential people in your industry. An internship can be mutually beneficial for both the interns and company’s networks.

Blog by Bridget Fay
Channel Communications Intern