Market Research

Observation Baltimore is a market research consultancy that offers a full range of services, including focus groups, qualitative studies, and more. Its recruitment team is the core strength of the services they offer. With over 20 years of creative market research experience, president and CEO Barbara Gassaway is a seasoned research consultant and RVIA-trained moderator.

For over 25 years, Allan Newman Research (ANR) has offered quantitative, qualitative, and field services research. Whether it’s advertising tracking, concept testing, telephone surveys, web-based surveys, benefit testing, or intercept/mail surveys, ANR offers all of the services you’d expect from a research firm without any of the bureaucracy. Amanda Frail, Executive Vice President, is an experienced research professional and an expert moderator.

Sago is a global market research firm offering a wide range of qualitative and quantitative modes of research. They have high technology platforms using data science and software development to provide clients with a comprehensive suite of in-person and digital research methods.