Opioid Abuse Prevention Campaign Launches in Frederick County

Channel team’s “Take Back My Life” campaign fights growing opioid and heroin addiction epidemic

BALTIMORE, MD, August 13, 2015—Cory Farrugia, president of Channel Communications, announced today the kickoff of “Take Back My Life,” a wide-ranging communications campaign aimed at preventing and building awareness of opioid and heroin misuse in Frederick County, Maryland. The campaign is sponsored by the Frederick County Health Department.

“We’re very excited about being a part of an effort to combat one of the most serious threats to public health today,” said Farrugia. “Opioid addiction is being seen in younger and younger people, and it’s an easy step up to experimentation with heroin. Our campaign presents real stories of Frederick County residents who have experienced the pain and tragedy of opioid addiction.”

David Franek, chief creative officer, added, “Many public service campaigns often look to scare or browbeat the audience with their messages. The approach we took is straightforward and unflinching, and we think that the power of the individual stories will help impact views about opioid misuse and raise awareness of its very real danger in the Frederick community.”

The foundation of the “Take Back My Life” (http://www.takebackmylife.org/) campaign is a set of five videos, with each video featuring a Frederick County resident telling deeply personal, emotional accounts of his or her struggles with opioid and heroin misuse or those of family members. The videos are featured on a landing page (TakeBackMyLife.org) that is being publicized in a social media campaign, radio spots, online banner ads, emails, and school posters. Calls to action in messaging also include a 2-1-1 number that provides immediate access to help and treatment options.

The “Take Back My Life” campaign is scheduled to run throughout September.

About the Frederick County Health Department

The Frederick County Health Department aims to improve the health and well being of Frederick County, Maryland residents through programs to prevent disease and illness, promote wellness and safety, and safeguard public health. In addition to overseeing the Opioid Misuse Prevention Program, the department offers resources to address behavioral health, cancer prevention, environmental health, infectious diseases, developmental disabilities, and many other health issues.

About the Channel team

With offices in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC, the Channel team (www.channel-com.com) provides a full range of integrated creative services, including branding, marketing communications and advertising, digital content marketing, and broadcast and interactive media.

Cory Farrugia