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The Social Media Calendar

Social media marketing is projected to maintain its growth trajectory throughout 2024, with increased spending and return on investment. While we’ve previously explored topics such as selecting the right social media platform, the risks associated with social media, and how nonprofits leverage these platforms, this post focuses on a crucial aspect of social media marketing: […]

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Choosing the Ideal Social Media Platform for Your Campaign Media

Whether you’re looking to increase brand recognition, drive website traffic, generate leads, or boost conversions, social media marketing is often a reliable and viable strategy for your campaign. People of all ages and backgrounds use social media to discover, follow, learn about, interact with, and shop brands. Dependent on your marketing goals and target audience, […]

Banking With Gen Z

As Millennials progress into their 30s and 40s, Gen Z has become the new, untapped, proverbial gold mine for many industries. When it comes to banking, a shift in marketing tactics is required to segment this audience and drill down your campaigns. It’s vital to consider this shift as Gen Z is expected to make […]

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How Does Generation Z Consume News?

By Joshua Franker Generation Z (Gen Z), ranging in age from 15 to 24 is emerging to assert itself on the future of the United States. A majority of Gen Z is now in college, or recently graduated, with some advancing straight into the workforce. Gen Z spends up to nine hours a day engaged […]

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What are the Benefits to Companies Using Social Media?

Today, social media acts as one of the most important tools in a company’s arsenal. With social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube sporting their user-friendly interfaces, companies now have the ability to continuously manage and sculpt their “public profile” at their fingertips. All of this while instantly and conveniently being able […]

Organic vs. Paid Search

Pay-per-click, paid search, CPC (cost-per click), and CPM (cost-per-thousand) are all paid advertising terms that boost search engine results and optimize your SEM (search engine marketing). Sounds like a mouthful, right? SEO, or search engine optimization, generally refers to unpaid marketing that boosts your search results organically (list of web pages in a search engine […]

Seven Things a Client Wants From An Advertising Agency

When you talk to clients about what they want from an advertising agency, the answers seem to run in similar patterns – fresh thinking, great ideas, and dedicated senior level people working on their business. What else are clients really looking for? Category Knowledge and Experience In many cases, Clients like to pick an advertising agency […]

Middleburg Bank Turns to Agency for Online Banking Transition Support

Channel team brought on board to announce new online banking platform to customers BALTIMORE, MD, November 24, 2015—Cory Farrugia, president of Channel Communications, announced that the firm has been working with Middleburg Bank to introduce a new and improved online banking platform to its customers. The new platform was rolled out on November 18th. Middleburg […]

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The Value of Social Media Response

Thousands of marketing directors log on to social media each day to monitor and post for their respective businesses. Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are among popular sites to troll. In today’s digital world, it is ingrained in all marketing managers to implement a social media strategy. We write up a plan, come up with posts, […]

Why Putting Effort into Networking is Worth It

Most ad agency new business directors will tell you that networking works. They will encourage you to attend seminars and luncheons sponsored by large, local companies to meet potential prospects or partners. It will benefit you, but how? You might say that it is a waste of time or boring because you will not get […]