There’s No Madness with Some Proven Methods

If you’re a smart marketer, you should continue to use tactics that work. Now while that sounds ridiculously obvious, it’s actually harder to stick to than you might think.

Why? Because we’re human. We like new, shiny, sexy things. We want to be hip, fashionable, and skating on the bleeding edge. And that applies to marketing methods as well.

Nowadays, SEO, mobile, content marketing, and social media represent the latest components of a savvy marketing arsenal. If you’re not sprinkling these on every campaign, then you’re behind the times, right?

While there is ample evidence that, when used in a strategic manner, these newer methods can deliver positive results, especially with younger and tech-knowledgeable audiences, it’s surprising how quickly many marketers are willing to look past proven, successful marketing tools and methods. Hello, Twitter. Adios, direct mail.

To be sure, the following methods aren’t glamorous or innovative. But they have demonstrated over and over again that they work. Ignore or abandon them at your peril.

  1. The Promotional Extra. A no-brainer. Who doesn’t love a freebie or near-freebie? Whether it’s getting an additional Ginsu knife on top of your purchase or scoring a free t-shirt for re-upping a magazine prescription, that extra gift is a highly cost-effective way to make a memorable impression. It’s a small investment that can go a long way toward strengthening customer loyalty.
  2. Mailing Lists/Lead Buying. Qualified leads are gold. They are the most essential component in any prospecting campaign and save valuable money, time, and sales resources. It doesn’t matter how clever or mobile-friendly your campaign is if you don’t know who has shown interest in your product or service.
  3. Direct Mail. The next time you hear someone say that direct mail is dead, ask that person to provide some proof. That’s because research has shown that direct mail is still going strong as a marketing channel, even with rising postage rates and the popularity of e-commerce. As old-fashioned as it might seem, there is no other medium today that can equal direct mail’s effectiveness in precisely targeting the people you want to reach with a personalized message.
  4. Sign Spinning. Hard to believe but true. Studies have proven that the dancing, jumping, and gyrating people flipping signs on street corners and mall properties are an extremely cost-effective way to attract attention and interest. Everyone likes a show, right? It’s definitely not the most sophisticated approach to marketing yourself, but its efficacy can’t be denied.
  5. Jingles. Call them what you want—jingles, ditties, audio signatures, etc. but a catchy song or melody sticks in your head, often whether you want it to or not. Just think of the sounds on TV you instantly recognize—the ominous clang from “Law & Order, or the four-note melody for Intel. If you can tie it to your brand, an earworm can be a powerful tool for name recognition and recall.

So while marketing is undoubtedly changing and adapting to the times, there are proven tactics and techniques that have always worked and will continue to deliver good results. We understand that some are definitely uncool. But if they lead to more awareness and sales, what’s more hip than that?