Channel Communications Receives 2023 MarCom Honorable Mention for Baltimore County Department of Health’s Hope is Within Reach Campaign

BALTIMORE, MD, December 14, 2023 — Channel Communications earned a 2023 MarCom Honorable Mention for the Hope is Within Reach campaign on behalf of the Baltimore County Department of Health. MarCom honors excellence in marketing and communications while recognizing creativity and hard work. The award is administered by the Association of Marketing Professionals (AMCP), which […]

Channel Communications Wins 2023 MarCom Platinum Award for Patient First Animated Television

BALTIMORE, MD, December 14, 2023 — Channel Communications received a 2023 MarCom Platinum Award of Distinction for the Patient Voices television spot on behalf of Patient First. The MarCom awards honor excellence in marketing and communications while recognizing creativity and hard work. The award is administered by the Association of Marketing Professionals (AMCP), which consists […]

Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services Selects Channel for Ongoing Consultive Services for the Development of Public Health Campaigns

Agency to use its expertise to help educate Baltimore County residents BALTIMORE, MD, April 2023 — Baltimore County’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has hired Channel Communications to provide strategic, creative, online, social and traditional media services for a variety of upcoming public health communications efforts. Channel will kick off the relationship by […]

Channel Communications Helps Hardesty & Hanover Define a New Look

BALTIMORE, MD, November 2022 — Hardesty & Hanover commissions Channel Communications to create a new logo identity package. For more than 130 years, H&H has been providing innovative designs and engineering solutions for bridge, road and industrial complex designs. Their projects are designed to amaze and engineered to last. Through the growth of their business, […]

Cable Ranch, Confluent Technology Group, and Nickless Schirmer & Co. Select Channel to Boost Online Sales Through Google Shopping Ads

Agency to deploy tactical Google Performance Max campaigns BALTIMORE, MD, August 2022 — Channel Communications has teamed up with three different US-based companies that sell online products, on both a commercial and residential level, to run their Google Shopping (Performance Max) Ad campaigns. Cable Ranch is an online hardware store with over 50,000 products available for […]

Coffee mug, smartphone on a desk with a notepad reading "Landing Page" laying on a Macbook

Elements of an Effective Landing Page

Landing pages are often created when a marketing campaign is in the works. Various ads, amongst other campaign elements, drive the target audience to a designated webpage with the goal of raising overall awareness or generating a qualified lead, client/customer/member, or conversion. In this article, we’ll review the key elements of a landing page as […]

Image of words "Social Media" on Building Blocks

Choosing the Ideal Social Media Platform for Your Campaign Media

Whether you’re looking to increase brand recognition, drive website traffic, generate leads, or boost conversions, social media marketing is often a reliable and viable strategy for your campaign. People of all ages and backgrounds use social media to discover, follow, learn about, interact with, and shop brands. Dependent on your marketing goals and target audience, […]

RxBenefits Brings on Channel to Rebrand Their Towson, Maryland Office

Agency helps long-standing client with designing, executing, and overseeing office rebrand BALTIMORE, MD, July 2022 — Earlier in 2022, Towson, Maryland-based pharmacy benefits consulting firm, Confidio, joined forces with RxBenefits, who is headquartered in Birmingham, AL The combined companies create a leading pharmacy benefit optimizer to help benefits consultants and plan sponsors tackle tough challenges […]

Professional Talent or Non-Professional Talent? Compass needle pointing the word talent, concept for recruiting or head hunter.

Professional Talent or Non-Professional Talent?

When it comes to producing video content, marketing and advertising firms often need to work with their clients to decide between hiring professional talent or utilizing non-professional talent. While, at first thought, it may always seem better to hire a professional, there are instances in which non-professional talent is more appropriate and effective. Here are […]

Hand placing handwritten "Return to Office" and "Welcome Back" notes in keyboard keys

Office Presence and Its Effect on Marketing and Advertising

As work-from-home, or remote work, remains prevalent, what benefits and drawbacks have marketing and advertising firms already experienced? For those who have yet to make the journey, what can they expect during and after the transition? Reduced Expenses Overhead of office (rent, heating, food, coffee) lowered Reduced spend on utilities, equipment, administration. Creative companies can […]

Magnifying glass on a dark blackboard background that reads "Listen to what your client wants".

What Are Clients Looking for When They Approach an Agency?

When a client approaches an agency, what are they looking for? Communication. Those who actively listen and ask thought-provoking questions see success for both the agency and the client. Although no client fits perfectly into a pre-determined structure, continue reading below to gain insights into reasons a client often approaches an agency and what they […]

Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services Taps Channel for Geofencing and Social Campaigns

Agency leans on expertise to help with National Prevention Week and Youth Substance Use efforts BALTIMORE, MD, April 2022 — Baltimore County’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) brings on Channel Communications for their deep expertise with digital and social media strategies for two significant campaigns: (1) SAMSHA’s National Prevention Week (NPW) and (2) […]

Professionals in an office conference room on a video conference meeting

Agency vs. Client-Side: Here’s What You Should Know

Not all marketing positions entail the same workload or challenges. Furthermore, the skills and proficiencies required vary from position-to-position. Below, we’ve highlighted key differences one can expect when working within a marketing agency (or firm) vs. a department (client-sided). Biggest Difference Client side will have a much more consistent and steadier workload that’s focused on […]

An image of the cover of "A Timeline on COVID-19: Changes within Marketing & Business" eBook

A Timeline on COVID-19: Changes Within Marketing & Business

As COVID-19 was introduced into our society we saw changes in every aspect imaginable. Few were able to predict how widespread the changes would be, the severity of the changes, or what would be an advantageous strategic position after these changes occurred. In this eBook, we’ll look back over the last two years and review, […]

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Quantifying User Experience

Regardless of the conversion type, user experience is a driving force behind reaching business goals and objectives. From business-to-business to healthcare, virtually every industry requires a good user experience in order to reach goals and make these conversions. In a world rife with alternative options, a good user experience will entice consumers to choose you […]

Eyeing Growth – Channel Hires New Director, Business Development

Greg Lathum joins Channel TOWSON, MD, February 4, 2022 – New hire finalizes a pattern of investments in continued growth as Cory Farrugia announces Greg Lathum has joined the team. Greg, who will oversee all business development services, brings an expansive background – including 25 years of experience in public and community relations to the […]

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Personalization in Marketing

Personalization within marketing has become a staple in the digital era. 52% of consumers are somewhat likely to switch brands if a company doesn’t provide enough personalization and 57% are willing to share personal data in exchange for personalized offers and discounts1. Follow along as we discuss six ways personalization is influencing the marketing industry. […]

Digital Marketing Campaigns eBook cover

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Just about any marketing campaign today has at least some digital component. But simply using digital tactics without careful consideration of how to optimize their advantages will yield disappointing results and even missed opportunities. In our free “Digital Marketing Campaigns” eBook, you’ll get a better understanding of what questions to ask first, which elements to […]

Calvert County Health Department Awards Channel with Medication Assisted Treatment Project

Agency produces unified theme campaign to help combat stigma against medication assisted treatment (MAT) BALTIMORE, MD, October 2021 — Calvert County Health Department (CCHD) selects Channel Communications to increase awareness and treatment of individuals diagnosed with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Channel will focus on breaking the stigma of OUD and Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) while […]